Aurora -  connecting grief & emotionally focussed yoga together in one place.
Aurora -  connecting grief & emotionally focussed yoga together in one place.

Aurora - connecting grief & emotionally focussed yoga together in one place.

Home to a global community of grief experts, yoga teachers and writers.

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Grief support

Sadly grief is both personal and universal. It comes in many forms, and we won’t suffer just one loss in our lifetime. We believe grief isn’t just an emotional experience but it’s also a mental and physical one.

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We help our community members to identify how their mental state can affect their bodies and emotions. By recognising states such as ‘grief brain,’ ‘overwhelm’ and ‘anxiety’, we provide resources and dedicated yoga practices to support these situations.


Unresolved emotions can often reside in our physical bodies.Through our virtual yoga classes and online resources, we encourage our members to support their physical bodies, enabling them to link these with their emotions and mental wellbeing.


We craft our online yoga classes around emotional states. We support our community members to build an awareness of their own many and often complicated feelings. Not just in relation to grief, but in their wider day to day lives.

Online yoga 

The emotional, physical, and mental impacts of experiencing a loss can transpire in our bodies in a variety of ways.

However, it doesn’t just stop there, the feelings we have in grief are also experienced in our daily lives.

Self love flow

Ground, breathe and give thanks to the wonderful person that is you. A practice to nuture.

Alaina Phillips

Anxiety release

Kiana invites you to spend some time to reconnect and let go of anxieties. 

Kiana Pierre

Yin to soothe anxiety

Unwind physically, mentally and energetically in this practice. Be prepared for a meditative experience, with deep releases.

Hannah Brown

Release your day

The perfect practice to let go of your day, however it turned out.

Andreea Dumitru

Corporate subscriptions

We’ve also curated a space for corporate membership packages. Enabling those within professional settings to support employees who may be experiencing loss, and/or emotional distress.

Flexible pricing to suit your needs

Flexible pricing to suit your needs

Our yoga for grief support subscription options include flexible pricing plans to suit the needs of our members. Invest in yourself each month, and see how your well-being routines can develop.