Grief support for corporates and professionals.

We educate and support companies  on the effects of loss in the workplace. 

Through bespoke content and workshops delivered by experts, yoga and meditation classes, and written articles, available 24/7. 

Our aim is to listen to the needs of individuals 

and work to offer a tailored approach.

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58% of employees felt their performance was still affected by their grief months after the death of a loved one.

Marie Curie

What we offer

The first step in working with us is a grief & wellbeing audit- we gain insights into what your company already does, and areas that can be improved upon.

We provide your team(s) access to our easy to use platform, which showcases our  holistic approach consisting of a range of content. From on demand talks, podcasts, yoga and meditation classes. Our team is led by author, speaker and grief specialist Michele DeVille, and founder Alaina Phillips, who is a yoga teacher, griever and up until recently spent her career in advertising production in London.

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Our benefits


We offer bespoke video and written content, all informed by our values and expertise. There is also the option to discuss online and in person workshops at one off costs.


We have created yoga classes that are emotionally driven. We know that certain experiences in grief and daily life are the same, and we've crafted our content to address this. With classes on everything from overwhelm & anxiety, to self-esteem and finding joy.


We're proud to provide a considerate, emotionally-aware grief yoga support plan option. With expert guides, content and workshops your employees can feel supported. We can give you tools to understand how to have these conversations and how best to have policies which enable communication and awareness on such a hard topic.