Why is Aurora different?

We believe that yoga goes beyond the physical. We want to encourage our members to connect the mental, emotional and physical together. Read more about our outlook here.

Why yoga and grief?

Just as with our yoga philosophy we know that grief isn’t just an emotional experience. We can feel grief in our bodies, and it can affect our thought patterns and behaviors. You can find more about our mission to connect grief and yoga here.

Can I benefit even if I've not lost anyone in my life?

Grief doesn’t just mean bereavement, it’s defined as significant loss. Whether that is of a person, a job, independence or relationship. We will cover a wide range of topics in our content, and will link the emotions found in grief to everyday situations. Our resources can also help you to communicate with those in your life who are grieving, with advice on how to show up for them.

What is included in a membership?

An Aurora membership includes access to an incredible range of pre-recorded videos and written content which you can find here. New content will be added each month, and articles will be available for download.

Can yoga and meditation decrease stress, anxiety or depression?

There are so many benefits to yoga, meditation and breath work practices. On our platform you can filter by mood as well as by time, or theme. Many studies have shown that yoga and meditation decrease stress and anxiety, and can reduce depression in those who practice.

Is it ok to do yoga at home?

We believe that anyone anywhere can do yoga. You don’t need to be flexible, or have the perfect clothing. You just need a space and some time to set aside. Even in studio classes it’s hard for a teacher to know how you feel in a pose. Our practices are there to guide you, let you explore and grow your awareness in your own body and mind. 

What do I need for my at home practice?

Nothing- just yourself and some time! A yoga mat or exercise mat helps prevent you from slipping and provides support for you. Check out this video from Hannah on props at home.

How can I share this with others?

At Aurora yoga we offer referral codes for friends, as well as the option to share a class via email so your friends can see what’s on offer.

How can I contribute?

We want to hear feedback from our community, so we can evolve your experience with our platform. If you have feedback or are a wellbeing expert and would like to contribute please get in touch: alaina@aurorayoga.studio

How do I apply for a corporate membership?

Our corporate yoga membership includes access to an incredible catalog of pre-recorded videos, talks and written articles. See this page for more details and contact alaina@aurorayoga.studio for a bespoke pricing plan for your business.

What benefits would a corporate plan have for my business?

It has been proven that the benefits of yoga are vast, for your employees giving them a subscription shows that your company really cares about them. You are allowing them an outlet and support for their mental wellbeing and physical bodies. Michele has developed bespoke content for employees and employers around grief support, which is crucial in today’s world. After all healthy and supported employees are invaluable to any business! Learn more about our corporate yoga classes today, and we’ll be happy to provide a tailored membership quote upon request.

How do I cancel?

If you don’t want to continue, you can cancel your membership at any time. Follow the prompts to cancel on the Billing page, and your membership will not renew. Please note that there aren’t refunds for partially unused membership periods.

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